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Malak Tamer

Date Of Birth: 27/09/2002

Position: Winger

Dominant Foot: Right 

Club: CF Damm

Malak Adel

Date Of Birth: 28/09/2005

Position: Attacking Midfielder

Dominant Foot: Right 


Laila Sherif

Date Of Birth: 14/09/2003

Position: Forward

Dominant Foot: Right 

Club: El Gouna FC

Hana Soliman

Date Of Birth: 23/05/2005

Position: Defensive Midfielder

Dominant Foot: Right 


Hannah Abou Gabal

Date Of Birth: 14/09/2005

Position: Forward

Dominant Foot: Right 



Trial Period Abroad

Every player’s dream is to play abroad and to do that, players must have trial experiences in different teams, leagues, and countries. In achieving that, you become a better-rounded athlete, capable of playing in different playing styles and able to deal with various scenarios. Our team gives you the opportunity to do exactly that, by getting you trial periods overseas to help deliver the added experience you need. Our variant periods include a one-week, one-month, three-months and one- year player program in which we handle the entire communication process, as well as handle negotiations, should the club decide to sign you.


CV & Video Compilation

As part of our services, we offer Player CV creation that provides information such as your age, position, player history, and a brief bio. A player CV is a fundamental component when seeking a professional career. It allows other clubs and coaches to be able to get a better idea of your playing style and talents. It will distinguish you and enable you to get noticed in hopes of furthering the interest of the targeted parties.



Video compilation and highlight videos are also a crucial part of recruitment. It helps to demonstrate one’s ability in a game-time setting. It can save time in the process in that a coach will be able to quickly view a player without having to see them in person. We offer the service of compiling individual highlight clips into a high-quality video. In the case that a player does not have footage, we will send a videographer to live games to capture footage.


Travel Visa Assistance

When attending a trial or attending an event that requires travel outside of one’s
country, we will prepare all required paperwork for applications for travel visas and follow through with the process. In the event that a club would like to sign you, we will liaise with the club to sort out visa technicalities.


Personal Training

Athletic success is just as much hard work as it is talent, if not more. Our
organization works on assessing you as an overall athlete and determining your
strengths and weaknesses, for improvement. After that assessment, a report is then handed off to a technical professional in the field, who will proceed to train you privately to improve your weaknesses and maintain your strengths.


PR & Marketing 

While you are focusing on bettering yourself athletically, our organization will be
working on marketing you as an athlete, negotiating your commercial offers, and
handling your social media. In this day and age, correct online and offline marketing is a vital part of athletic success. We’re here to take that hassle off your back andhandle the commercial side of it all.


US Sports Scholarships

With many connections in the U.S., we aim to secure sporting scholarships at
universities to the caliber of the player. The U.S. has some of the best talent and
highest competition in the world. There are many top universities and teams to

choose from. We will determine the correct fit based on what you are looking for. Determining factors such as location, education level, and division, will all be taken into consideration in order to give the best all-around experience, all while taking your talents and education to the next level.


UK University Teams

In addition to the U.S., we also have connections to universities in the U.K. and
Europe. Unlike the U.S., student-athletes are permitted to participate and play for an outside club separate from the university.  This allows the athlete to gain exposure in the professional setting as well as receive a degree. With scholarships available, this could be an ultimate experience for an athlete who is looking to further their education and compete at the highest level.


Sports Camps

As an athlete continuously working to improve, you may find yourself wanting to
explore different ways of doing so, especially in your off-season. After assessing you as an athlete, and understanding your goals and objectives, our team recommends a sports camp suited to your demands and handles the entire communication process with the other party. An additional service of visa assistance is also available if needed.

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